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The financial aid office is open Monday through Friday from 10a.m to 4:30p.m. Students and prospective students may obtain forms and information during these hours.
Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)
You can fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by going online to www.fafsa.ed.gov. Our Federal School Code is 042135. Most of our students pay for our program using the FAFSA.

38 USC 3679 Compliance
Sharp Edgez Barber Institute permits any covered individual to attend or participate in the Barbering course during the period beginning on the date on which the individual provides to the school a certificate of eligibility for entitlement to educational assistance under chapter 31 or 33 (a “certificate of eligibility” can also include a “Statement of Benefits” obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) website – eBenefits, or a VAF 28-1905 form for chapter 31 authorization purposes) and ending on the earlier of the following dates:

The date on which payment from VA is made to the institution. 90 days after the date the institution certified tuition and fees following the receipt of the certificate of eligibility. Sharp Edgez Barber Institute will not impose any penalty, including the assessment of late fees, the denial of access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities, or the requirement that a covered individual borrow additional funds, on any covered individual because of the individual’s inability to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement funding from VA under chapter 31 or 33. NOTE: A Covered Individual is any individual who is entitled to educational assistance under chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, or chapter 33, Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits.

The Seneca Nation Education Department
  • The Seneca Nation Education Department of both Allegany and Cattaraugus Territories provides services which support the learning process as a means of obtaining individual and collective satisfaction, with respect for self and others, and a pride in Seneca and Native heritage. The Seneca Nation provides learning opportunities to help challenge each individual to achieve their life's goals Seneca Nation applicants MUST, 1. Be an enrolled member of the Seneca Nation of Indians, 2. Comply with all rules and regulations that accompany funding sources. And 3. Be enrolled and attending a Certificate granting program at an accredited institute.
  • Allegany Territory, PO Box 231, 25 Center St., Salamanca, NY 14779, (716) 945-1790 ext. 3103 Fax (716) 945-7170
  • Cattaraugus Territory, 2016 Hënödeyësta’ Dr. Suite 2, Irving, NY 14081, 716-532-3341, Email: snihighered@sni.org, Web: www.sni.org/hep
NYS Division of Federal Affairs
We are approved by the New York State Divisions of Veterans Affairs for the training of veterans and others who may qualify. For more information, please visit the departments’ website at www.gibill.va.gov.

The Following Funding Sources Need 6-8 Weeks to Process
ROCHESTERWORKS! Youth Grant (Department of Labor)
Are you between the ages of 18-24? You may qualify for tuition assistance through RochesterWorks! Contact their office at 255 N. Goodman Street. Rochester, NY 14607, 585-258-3552

Do you qualify for ACCES (formally VESID)? To be eligible for full tuition assistance through ACCES services, an individual must have a physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability that interferes with their ability to work. There must also be a reasonable chance that the individual will become gainfully employed if he/she receives rehabilitation services. Eligibility for services is determined by a review of the individual's medical records, and in some cases, by new medical and vocational evaluations. 109 South Union Street, Rochester, NY 14607, 585-238-2900 or 800-462-0178 If you have questions about tuition, or the financing options that may be available to you, please contact us. We’ll work with you individually to find the ideal solution.

Policies / Procedures for Federal Aid Recipients
A student wishing to apply for federal financial aid may pick up a free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) the financial aid office.
Students are required to bring their:
Social security card
Driver license
High school diploma or transcript showing completion of 12th grade or
GED certificate or
If any of the above is not present, the student must take an ability to benefit (ATB) test administered by an independent tester. (Please note, as of July 1, 2012 Ability to Benefit applicants on longer qualify for Title IV funds.)

Signed, completed applications with supporting documentation are forwarded to the financial aid office (FAO). The FAO will review all applications submitted and then electronically submit the information to the Department of Education. The original signed and dated application will be retained in the student financial aid file. If an applicant mails their FAFSA the student will receive by mail a paper student aid report (SAR) at their home address. In the electronic process, the school receives electronic information via computer and will print a document known as institutional student information record (ISIR). The two documents are almost the same; except the recipient and the speed of completion. Either the SAR or the ISIR is required for all eligible students wishing to receive financial aid. When the ISIR is printed in the financial Aid office, the student will be notified by telephone, e-mail, or regular mail through the United States post office. Students are asked to review the ISIR or SAR for accuracy of information. Some ISIRS are flagged for verification, selective service registration, and drug conviction, for selling or possession of drugs and at some instances some applicants are in default of a federal student’s loan. After the prospective student have reviewed his/her ISIR and find a fault, then the corrections are made to reflect the correct information.
Grants are an award of federal student aid, which do not have to be paid back. A federal Pell Grant is entitlement, which means it does not have to be repaid. If a student qualifies for an award, they will receive it. The amount of awards is based on the U.S. Department of Education determination of students need. Sharp Edgez Barber Institute is currently applying to participate in the Title IV program.

Loans - Subsidized & Unsubsidized
Available to all students, maximum $3500 for 1st year students, beginning in 2007-2010 award year, additional unsubsidized loan available to independent students maximum $6000 for 1st year students. 2nd year students may qualify for additional loans based on C.O.A. (cost of attendance) and peroration of remaining hour. Dependent students $2000.00 unsubsidized and may also qualify for a grade level 2 loan.

A Stafford loan usually must be disbursed in two or more installments, with no disbursement exceeding half the loan amount. The earliest a school may disburse a Stafford loan directly to an enrolled student or credit his or her account is 30 days before the first day of the period of enrollment. Similarly, the school may make a subsequent disbursement no earlier than 10 days before the period of enrollment for which that disbursement is intended.

Whenever a school credits federal student aid funds to a student’s account and determines that a portion of those funds exceed the amount of the student allowance charges, the school must pay that credit balance directly to the student (or parent, in case of a plus loan) as soon as possible or as a specified in federal student aid regulations. If the credit balance occurred after the first day of class, the school must pay the balance to the student or parent no later than 14 days after the balance occurred. If the credit balance occurred on or before the first day of class, the school must pay the balance within 14 days after the first day of class for the payment period.
Eiligibility for Title IV Assistance
Student must have a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) certificate and:
Be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program
Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen.
Have a social security number.
Make satisfactory academic progress.
Sign a statement of education purpose.
Sign a statement of updated information.

Gainful Employment Disclosures
Tuition Cost / Funding Resources
At Sharp Edgez Barber Institute, we believe in being transparent and upfront about tuition costs so you can make an informed decision when choosing a school. We’re here to work with you, one-on-one, to help you determine the best financing options for you. In addition, we provide financial aid guidance and information on any scholarship opportunities available. We want to do everything in our power to help you achieve the education and the career you’ve always wanted.
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