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At Sharp Edgez Barber Institute, we believe in being transparent and upfront about tuition costs so you can make an informed decision when choosing a school. We’re here to work with you, one-on-one, to help you determine the best financing options for you. In addition, we provide financial aid guidance and information on any scholarship opportunities available. We want to do everything in our power to help you achieve the education and the career you’ve always wanted.
Repaying Your Student Loans
Tomeika Bryant is the loan specialist here at Sharp Edgez Barber Institute. Any questions regarding loan amounts, payments NSLDS and Nelnet can be obtained by calling 585-482-2808 and requesting a meeting with Mrs. Bryant. Fill out your FAFSA and add our school code for our next upcoming class. School code: 042135
Click the link below for student resources on loan counseling and preventing default.

Verification Policy
The US Department of education requires Sharp Edgez Barber Institute to verify any student and application flagged for verification under the 100% verification policy. Therefore in the event that a student is selected for verification, the department of education has provided a verification worksheet, to be completed by the student, spouse, and the student’s parents for dependant students. The verification process may take up to one month in some cases and a few days for less complicated cases. Sharp Edgez Barber Institute request that students and spouse or parents bring in the appropriate paper work, complete the verification work sheet with signatures and provide proof of support for low income students.

It is the responsibility of the student to provide all the financial paperwork needed to qualify for federal financial assistance. This paperwork should be furnished to the financial aid office and the statement of income is to be signed by the student, spouse or parent. A selective service flag means that you the student need to register for selective service. You can register at any United States post office, online at https://www.sss.gov/, or you can pick up a registration packet at the Financial Aid Office. You can also call the Selective Service registration information line at 1-847-688-6888 for inquiries.

Drug Conviction
If you the student have been convicted of illegal possession or selling of drugs, you must complete a drug worksheet with the financial aid office at Sharp Edgez Barber Institute, to ascertain eligibility. If you have completed a drug rehabilitation class and have a certificate to prove to the financial aid office that a class was completed after conviction, that over rides the conviction. However, if while you are in school and happen to get rearrested for drug possession or selling of drugs your financial aid will be dropped until another rehabilitation program is completed by the student and proper completion documentation is given to the Financial Aid office.

Any student who is in default, on a federal student loan, is not eligible for financial aid until the loan is paid off and the proof of payment is brought to the financial aid office. Professional Judgment may be used to alter the data elements used to calculate EFC. Also professional judgment may be used to adjust the students’ cost of attendance. The reason for the adjustment must be documented in the students file. Any conflicting information or consistency must be resolved on the output document before making any adjustment.

Awards of FSEOG funds are first awarded to students with the lowest EFC (Expected family contribution). FSEOG funds are available throughout the academic year and are awarded to students who are Pell eligible. (Revised: July 19, 2007)

Financial Aid Disbursment Sample
1st payment period is 0-450 clock hours
2nd payment period is 451- 900 clock hours
Release of Federal Student Aid Data
Before any institution can receive student information electronically the student must complete the “College Release Certificate” section of the FAFSA. The FAFSA allows student to enter names and addresses of six post secondary schools that will be allowed to receive information.

A student transferring to Sharp Edgez Barber Institute from another school must complete paperwork to add Sharp Edgez Barber Institutes school code, with DRN number to the ISIR and the student will in turn receive a SAR and will also receive an ISIR with student’s information.

If a student who received an electronic SAR is transferring from Sharp Edgez Barber Institute to another institution, the student will follow the same procedure. The student will be required to give the PELL code to the Department of Education of the new school.

Award Process
The financial aid officer will calculate the students’ award using the expected family contribution (EFC) from ISIR, the financial aid officer will generate an award letter stating the amount of the award and dates of payment to the student tuition account. The student will sign the award letter that will be filled in the students’ financial aid file. Payment of federal PELL grant fund is through electronic payment. Student accounts are credited first. Award disbursement is done in two- payment periods – the first payment is made after the receipt or a valid ISIR and verification process (if applicable) has been completed. The remaining payment is processed after the student has satisfactorily completed 450 clock hours. Federal financial aid does not automatically continue from one award year to the next (July 1 to June 30). Funds not used in one award year WILL NOT be carried forward into the following award year. If the student has completed and mailed an application without using the electronic process available at Sharp Edgez Barber Institute, the student must present a valid paper SAR to the FAO. The award letter and payment process is the same for students with either paper or electronic ISIR.

Financial Need
Federal student aid awards are based on financial need. Need is the difference between your cost of education (expenses such as tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies, and other related expenses) and the amount you and your family are expected to contribute towards your education.

Credit Balance
A credit balance occurs after a student Ledger shows a balance of zero ($0.00). All credits are given to students after their Mid-Point Review of Clock Hours in the payment period. SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) report must be labeled “Yes” on the Genesis School Management Software.

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